"Wine and Chocolate" course in the Tarn

"Wine and Chocolate"  ...

How about a gourmet day in the Tarn to enjoy the holidays ?
It is in Lisle-sur-Tarn , located 25 minutes by car from Albi , that you can be initiated to tasting chocolate or wine or both ... So do not hesitate! There is something for all ages and all tastes . Nothing better than going to conquer new flavors to prepare your New Years Eve !

Lisle-sur-Tarn and its large medieval square


Lisle-sur-Tarn is an old country house from the 13th century , it deserves that we linger there to discover one of the largest square places in the South West . Indeed, once there you can realize that it is huge !

Place des arcades Lisles sur tarn

The large arcaded square of Lisle-sur-Tarn is 4225m2


You will have the opportunity to admire the Griffoul fountain , a listed Historic Monument , which stands proudly on this square. This fountain symbolizes the peace that reigned between the county of Toulouse and the kingdom of France with the presence of the Occitan cross with the fleur-de-lis around the edge of the tank.

Griffoul fountain

You will be able to compare the real Griffoul fountain to that in chocolate present at the museum "Art of chocolate"

The city is wonderfully well preserved with its terracotta brick facades, half-timbering and arcades . Do not miss the market where local producers are present and which takes place every Sunday morning in the square.

The “Art du Chocolat” museum


It is on the place of Lisle-sur-Tarn, that you will find in a large private mansion recently renovated , this unique place in France dedicated to chocolate sculpture and tasting .
Since its change of owner in 2017, this place has become a must for cocoa lovers and the most curious among us. Entrance into the museum is made directly through the shop, where it is very difficult to resist the call of chocolate.

Chocolate art museum

In the museum shop "Art du Chocolat", you will inevitably find your happiness

Don't worry, as you will be treated to a tasting of great chocolate vintages right after the visit. So to wait and to test your resistance, you can access through a patio to the 3 thematic rooms located on the first floor.

You will then be able to discover in the three exhibition galleries sculptures that represent extremely varied themes : it goes from a simple vase, to life-size African elephants in chocolate !

Chocolate art museum

"Elephant", chocolate sculpture by Michel Thomaso-Defos

Chocolate cathedral sculpture

"Sainte-Cécile d'Albi Cathedral", chocolate sculpture by Michel Thomaso-Defos


But to know that these sculptures are all about fifteen years old and are kept thanks to a constant temperature between 18 and 20 ° C will make you want to bite one of them!

Chocolate is tasted like a great wine

If you want to learn more about chocolate making and discover the different stages of cocoa processing , you can sit in the video projection space located in the first room. The museum also offers workshops and group entertainment around chocolate, by reservation . This can be a great activity to do with family or friends .

Cocoa pod

The cocoa pod is the fruit of the cocoa tree


And finally the visit always ends with the much awaited chocolate tasting. We will teach you to recognize the aromas present in the different types of chocolate.

You will find the museum's prices and timetables on the website.

The pleasure of tasting chocolate…

If the chocolate tasting has whet your appetite, you can test the cuisine of the "Romuald" restaurant accompanied by a warm chimney fire . Which is very pleasant in this season! The restaurant is located behind the square at 6 rue du Port .

Romuald Restaurant

The "Romuald" restaurant offers flat houses in a warm atmosphere

And for the pleasure of adults: a wine tasting at Château Lastours

Chateau Lastours

Château Lastours is a family estate located in the heart of the AOC Gaillac


Château Lastours will reserve you a tasting of quality Gaillac wine but also a welcome on an exceptional site.

Chateau Lastours Tour

Wine tasting and visit to the Château Latours winery

Chateau Lastours

Discover the Château Lastours wine

In addition to visiting the winery, you will be able to discover a magnificent area steeped in history which has a French garden and a dovecote classified as a Historic Monument .

The French garden of Château Lastours

You will have a good time while discovering the wines of the property accompanied by informed comments for all levels of knowledge in oenology . There is something for everyone, we will offer white, red, rosé and even sparkling!

The reception is from Monday to Saturday , from 9h to 19h as well as Sunday by appointment.

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Article written by Fannie Lefever for the Tarn Aveyron Guide

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