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    • This wine made the fame of the wines of Gaillac at the beginning of the century. This is a very old method, present well before the discovery of Dom Pérignon.

      The writings of the antiquities commission of the city of Castres (Tarn) concluded by saying "we do not attribute the invention of the white wine (sparkling) to Dom Pérignon , during the time 1668-1695, but well before the year 1591, since the rustic house of the city of Castres of this time already mentioned".

      The Gaillacoise method, unlike a champagne, is elaborated in a natural way, without the addition of sugar (to make the mousse) and without the addition of liqueur of shipment (which makes it possible to dose raw or semi-dry ) . It is only the sugar of the grape, which, throughout the process, will ensure the first fermentation, the foam and the residual sugar contained in the method Gaillacoise.

      This wine is made from Mauzac. Harvesting is done manually, in crates, to avoid packing the harvest as much as possible ; The prime objective remaining quality.

      Serve chilled (4 °)

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Province : Tarn - L'Albigeois

Location : 1219 Route d'Arzac
81140 Cahuzac-sur-Vère


1219 Route d'Arzac
81140 Cahuzac-sur-Vère


Phone : 05 63 33 97 29

Cell : 06 08 66 25 24

GPS coordinates

43° 59'0.34"N, 1° 54'40.3"E

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