Winter stroll around the medieval city of Lauzerte

Early this year, what better than a beautiful hiking e in Tarn-et-Garonne ...! Come and discover the countryside and the hills around the village of Lauzerte . This village is classified among "The most beautiful villages in France" and even in winter, this cit ed m edi évale will surprise you. This is a must p Compostela èlerins and walking trail offers e I pass by this very fact Bachelor cél Ebro way.

Many discovery routes


Cairn on the paths of the Pays de Serres en Quercy

The North West area of Tarn-et-Garonne constitutes the community of communes of the Pays de Serres en Quercy which includes 22 rural communes . Throughout these villages you will discover 28 pe circuits for ramblers, from walking trail 3km hike of 21km. You can find superb, very explicit information sheets for each circuit on the site or directly at the Lauzerte tourist office . I strongly recommend that you obtain a sheet before embarking on one of the proposed circuits, because the markup is not always there…

Hike Pays de Quercy

Pleasant hikes throughout the Tarn-et-Garonne

Despite everything, these walks are accessible and you will discover incredible places . So do not hesitate to launch the iscovered of this part of the Tarn-et-Garonne still pre serv ed at both the heritage of its natural environment.

The circuit of "The chapel of Saint Sernin du Bosc"

The pe Destre circuit "The chapel of Saint Sernin du Bosc" is from Lauzerte, it is 11km and 439m of positive e d e nivel. It can be done in 3 hours, the difficulty is average and it's a loop . Markup is yellow, but I remember that it is better to get a listing hiking or e for more connected, you can use the application on your CIRKWI t él é mobile phone (the hike is already registered on the application , just follow the directions!).

Yellow markings for quercy hiking

Follow the yellow markings on the pedestrian circuit of " The chapel of Saint Sernin du Bosc "

This loop is very agr é e s s reliable, you will pass through woods and across fields. There is a small climb which will offer you a magnificent view of Lauzerte and its surroundings .

View on Lauzerte

A breathtaking view of Lauzerte

The only negative point will be a section along a road, which will be quickly forgotten thanks to the succession of magnificent countryside landscapes . Half way you will find the famous chapel of Saint Sernin du Bosc is absolutely isolated and seems forgotten th in the valley. Will you find the gargoyles that adorn its perimeter?

Take a break to drink a little water at the chapel of Saint Sernin du Bosc

Saint Sernin du Bosq Chapel

The pretty chapel of Saint Sernin du Bosc

Will you find the gargoyles that adorn the perimeter of the chapel?

Walk in the heart of Lauzerte

It is interesting to do the walk in the morning and take the opportunity to eat when you return to the village. The Auberge des Carmes is a small bar / restaurant with a very friendly atmosphere, we offer simple and traditional cuisine . The portions are very generous, it's a good point when you've walked all morning. This restaurant is located Faubourg d'Auriac up Lauzerte.

The Carmelite Inn

A good hot goat cheese cake at the Auberge des Carmes

So, after a hearty meal or a beautiful mixed salad, you can stroll through the alleys, discover the pilgrim garden and enjoy the marvelous view of the Barbican.

Way of St. James

The circuit imprints part of the way of Saint Jacques de Compostelle

Do not miss the place of res Cornie   and its unusual " raised corner ". This square is surrounded by arcades typical of the region, it hosts every Wednesday and Saturday morning on March é Farmer (the one on Saturday is more important). This village is home to many artists, especially blacksmiths art whose works are visible in the village or directly in their workshops.

Corner raised Place des Cornières

Place des angles and its unusual "raised corner"

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Article written by Fannie Lefever for the Tarn Aveyron Guide

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