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Getting to and moving around in the Tarn and Aveyron

To come on holiday to the Tarn, the Aveyron and the Tarn & Garonne, use the main transport roads, then rent a car or use the public transport networks to move around the outskirts of the towns. This large territory is mainly rural, so it would probably be easier to come and get around by car (or by bike for the bravest), if you are planning a holiday in the countryside.

We have detailed all the modes of transportation by department, to help you make the best choice of how to come to the Tarn, the Aveyron and the Tarn & Garonne.

Villages perchés

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How to get there by public transport: by plane, by train, by bus

By Plane


To come to the Tarn & Garonne by plane, use the Toulouse Blagnac Airport, located only 35 minutes from Montauban www.toulouse.aeroport.fr

  • There is also an airport in Agen, with many regular flights from and to Paris and other big towns in France www.aeroport-agen.com
  • To come to the Tarn by plane, there is a flight from Paris to the small airport of Castres Mazamet www.aeroport81.fr  
  • To come to the Aveyron by plane, Rodez airport offers flights to Paris, Brussels and other European cities. Check the airport website www.aeroport-rodez.fr

By train

To come to the Tarn & Garonne by train, there is a TGV line “Paris - Bordeaux–Toulouse”, which stops, depending on the trains, in Montauban. Practical ! You can also check the lines serving the town of Caussade and other small local stations, on the website of the TER of Occitanie www.ter.sncf.com/occitanie/depliant/recherche

  • To come to the Tarn by train, there are approximately fifteen train stations at your disposal, in Albi of course but also in Gaillac, Cordes-sur-ciel, Carmaux... Check the timetables and check the Oui SNCF website for good deals www.oui.sncf
  • To come to the Aveyron by train, there are 3 main train stations in the department : Millau, Rodez and Villefranche de Rouergue. Other small local stations do interlinks, but be careful because they are not regular.


 By bus

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To move around by bus in the Tarn, check the website www.tarnbus.tarn.fr created by the Réseau Régional des Transports, Tarn Bus (Regional transport Network) : Find the regular lines, lines to move around from town to town and inside the big agglomerations.

  • To move around by bus in the Aveyron, the Conseil Départemental has a dedicated section on its website, with timetables and journeys, long distance and regular lines : www.aveyron.fr/thematiques/transports


Moving around by car or by bike

icone voiture

The simplest mode of transport to get to the towns and villages of these rural departments remains however the car.

The major roads of the Tarn & Garonne are the Motorways. The A20 from Paris, the A62 arrives from Bordeaux and goes towards Toulouse. There are a number of departmental roads of crossing the department and around Montauban and Valence d'Agen.


The major roads of the Tarn are the Motorway A68, which arrives from Toulouse and then transforms into the National Road 88 close to Albi. Castres and Albi are the two main traffic hubs then take you towards many departmental roads of the area.


To get to the Aveyron by the major roads, use the only motorway of the department, the Méridienne A75, which crosses it to the east of Béziers in Clermont-Ferrand and pass by the majestic Viaduct of Millau. The National Road 88, comes from Albi, crossing the department up to Rodez to then merge to the A75. The departmental roads are structured around Villefranche-de-Rouergue to the west, Rodez and Millau to the east.


Les petites routes du Tarn Aveyron

In these 3 departments, the main roads are the departmental roads and the many communal roads, generally in good state, are used to circulate between the tourist towns and villages. Enjoy the traffic free roads beautifully bordered by nature and mountains in these high altitude regions.


icone voitures electriques

For electric cars, there is a network of recharging stations available in the Tarn, Aveyron and Tarn & Garonne. It is getting easier and easier to move around, many hotels, gites and campsite offer recharging stations to their customers. Check the Charge Map


The services of ride sharing (with special zones close to the main roads and public transports), car sharing and car rental between individuals exist ; check the dedicated websites. However, it is not the most reliable mode of transport to use to go on holiday, perhaps book these services for occasional trips once you have arrived.


A vélo dans le Tarn Aveyron

You can arrive in the Tarn Aveyron by bike, from the green ways and the existing itineraries. The small roads of this department are quiet www.af3v.org/-Les-VVV-de-France-.html


In Tarn & Garonne, there are two main roads to ride by bike : the green way of the Canal des Deux Mers and the Véloroute of the Gorges of the Aveyron. The two paths are developed and secure.


You are coming by car and you want to go cycling ? It is easy to rent a bike on site and even to rent a trailer, so you can drag your things or your toddlers ! It is really nice on the canals where the road is flat and bordered by trees. For those less into sport, do not worry and enjoy your bike ride by renting an electrical bike !


Moving around by foot, by horse

icone marcheur

Some of you may be on a pilgrimage and walking the route of Saint-Jacques de Compostelle.

In the Tarn & Garonne, runs the road of the Puy-en-Velay, also called the GR65 or also the Via Podiensis. It goes by Lauzerte, Moissac and Auvillar.

In the Tarn, you are spoiled, there are two main itineraries towards Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle running in the department : The Voie d'Arles (or Via Tolosana, 115km in the Tarn, Montagne Noire, Castres, Sidobre...) and the Voie du Puy (an alternative of the Via Podiensis, running by Cordes-sur-Ciel, Gaillac...).


Compostelle dans le Tarn Aveyron

In Aveyron, 2 sections of the GR65, the Via Podiensis, cross the department from east to west. Espalion, Estaing, Conques, Decazeville on approximately one hundred kilometres, it is a beautiful road, rich in History and breathtaking urban and natural heritage.


icone equestre

The Tarn, the Aveyron and the Tarn & Garonne are departments that are very well developed for equestrian tourism. The equestrian centres are everywhere, you can go horse riding for the day or more depending on your level.


 Les routes parfois encombrées !