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The Tarn Aveyron in books, in movies and celebrities

Selection of books in the Tarn, the Aveyron and the Tarn & Garonne

To discover the region and get informed, there is of course your favourite guide, the Guide Tarn Aveyron, but to go further, we suggest a non-exhaustive selection of quality books.

Livre la vie d'autrefois

La vie d'autrefois en Tarn-et-Garonne (The old fashioned way of life) from Régis Granier - Editions Sud-Ouest : for the enthusiasts of the past, there are stories, with a lot of humour and an immersion in the ancient way of life of this department.



Livre le tarn et garonne

Le Tarn & Garonne, from René Gilabert and Jérôme Poitte, Editions Un Autre Reg'art : History, heritage, beautiful photos and landscape explained.



Livre Les mystères du Tarn et Garonne

Les Mystères du Tarn-et-Garonne (The mysteries of the Tarn & Garonne) from Patrick Caujolle, Editions De Borée : An original and pleasant read, with lots of funny stories, sometimes unusual but always mysterious...



Livre le pastel en cocagne

Le Pastel en Pays de Cocagne, (Pastel in Cockaigne) from Chantal Armagnac, Editions Bleu Pastel : The Tarn territory is mentioned indirectly, it is a walk besides the pastel (woad), this tinctorial plant which generated the economic wealth of a whole region at a certain period. A colourful... journey !


Livre le tarn à pied

Le Tarn à pied : 52 promenades et randonnées (Tarn on foot : 52 walks and hiking trails) from the Fédération Française de randonnée : A book to please the hikers, find various attractive small trails, long and short hikes, in brief enough to roam the Tarn.



Livre découverte du sud tarn

Découverte du Sud Tarn, (Discovery of Southern Tarn) from Catherine Rèfre, Editions Un Autre Reg'Art : Let’s go to the Montagne Noire and the Monts de Lacaune! Photos, historic heritage, find all the necessary information to literally roam these landscapes, before getting there or after !

Livre Recettes paysanes du Tarn

Recettes paysannes du Tarn, (Farmers recipes from the Tarn) from Richard Violle, Editions du Curieux : Here are simple and traditional recipes, delivered by locals with all their know how and their love of local produce. A book for the kitchen shelf.



Livre le petit futé aveyron

Le Petit Futé Aveyron : printed in a pocket size, easy to bring everywhere for a cultivated and informed eye on the landscapes, heritage, culture but also the best addresses of the Aveyron. A must have.




Livre l'Aveyron

L'Aveyron, from Daniel Crozeset Pierre Soissons, Editions du Rouergue : a beautiful book to discover scenic pictures of one of the most beautiful department of France. From the Larzac plateau to the vertiginous gorges, beautiful and stirring texts.



Livre Aveyron les 30 plus beaux sentiers

Aveyron les 30 plus beaux sentiers (Aveyron the most beautiful 30 trails) Editions Chamina : Through plateau, bastides, small paths, small valleys, you can find trails everywhere thanks to this book, you know where you are going !





Livre Victor de l'Aveyron

Victor de l'Aveyron, from Jean Itard, Editions Allia : Victor is a wild child who was found in the woods of the Aveyron in January 1800. The media and the readers were fascinated by Victor who provided at the same time frustration by his silence. The doctor Jean Itard did not abandon the young boy and looked after him and wrote about his efforts in various essays.


Livre Aveyron le temps de la terre

Aveyron, le temps de la terre : 1950-1960, (Aveyron 1950-1960 – the period of the land) from Valaison Marie-Claude and Jean Rebière, Editions Rouergue : A beautiful book of authentic photos from this decade, containing the details of farm family life at the time. A surprising testimony full of details and beauty.


Livre Aveyron 100 lieux pour les curieux

Aveyron : 100 lieux pour les curieux (One hundred places for the curious) from Romain Gruffaz, Editions Bonneton insolite : A practical book for those who want to see unusual and "Wow" sites. We go straight to the point, heading towards the astonishing !



Livre Recettes en Aveyron

Recettes en Aveyron (Recipes from Aveyron) from René Husson, Philippe Galmiche and Christiane Galmiche, Editions Fleurines : Here is the perfect book to finish this bibliography, full of ideas and good recipes to cook like they do in Aveyron, this department rich in exceptional products and marvellous recipes...



In that regard, did you check our ideas of recipes ?

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Unmissable movies, in relation with the Tarn, the Aveyron and the Tarn & Garonne


The Tarn and the Aveyron and in general the former region Midi-Pyrénées, are favourable for film locations. Spectacular landscapes, remarkable heritage, hundreds of castles and a mild climate. This explains why the French and International film and television industry have many films set here. Here is a non-exhaustive list :


Film Le vieux fusilLe Vieux Fusil, (aka the Old Gun) 1975, by Robert Enrico, starring Philippe Noiret and Romy Schneider. Shot partly in the Châteaux de Bruniquel and few scenes in Montauban.



Film Saint Jacques La Mecque

Saint-Jacques... La Mecque (2005) by Coline Serreau, shot partly Aveyron and Tarn & Garonne. 



Film Lacombe LucienLacombe Lucien (1974), by Louis Malle, shot partly in Tarn & Garonne.




Film les recettes du bonheurLes Recettes du bonheur (aka The Hundred-Foot Journey), American movie from Lasse Hallström, which is set in Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val. It was also shot there. The story of the quarrels of two restaurant owning.



Film Lautrec

Film of the life of the painter born in Albi in 1864 : Lautrec is a biopic of Henri de Toulouse Lautrec, the famous painter who was of small size but with a big reputation. His crazy life is told in this film. Do not miss the dedicated museum in Albi ! 


Film Jean JaurèsJaurès, la naissance d'un géant, (Jaures, birth of a giant) is a telefilm released in 2005, by Jean-Daniel Verhaeghe. It is a biopic of the life of Jean Jaurès who fought along the workers and against the extreme capitalism. Jaurès was an important character in Tarn, he was the deputy of Carmaux and supported the fight of the miners of Cagnac-les-Mines.


Film Pas de repos pour les bravesPas de repos pour les braves, (aka No Rest for the Brave), by Alain Guiraudie, a rather original movie featuring the beautiful landscapes of Aveyron. A dramatic comedy presented like a waking dream...a bit disjointed but in the end rich in lessons on the destiny of life.


Le Fils à Jo (Aka Jo’s boy), shot in Tarn, close to Gaillac, by Philippe Guillard, popular comedy with Gérard Lanvin. A father wants to pass his passion for rugby to his son.



Fanfan la Tulipe, (Fanfan), in is 2003 version, by Gérard Krawczyk, with Vincent Perez, Pénélope Cruz and Didier Bourdon was shot in the town of Najac, Bourins Castle and Plessis-Bourré Castle.



Héroïnes by Gérard Krawczyk with Virginie Ledoyen partly shot in Decazeville, where it is also set a musical where two friends are surprised by success.



Tous au Larzac, by Christian Rouaud, a documentary on the fight of Larzac, was shot in Aveyron (of course !) and was warmly welcomed by audiences, in 2011. The documentary traces the 11 year conflict between the farmers and the military over the army camp at Larzac. To be seen

La Grande Vadrouille (1966) by Gérard Oury with Louis de Funès and Bourvil. A part of the movie was shot in the Aveyron, in the mountains of Montpellier-le-Vieux.



Farrebique (1947) by Georges Rouquier. A beautiful film-documentary, on the family life of farmers after the war, in Aveyron, close to Goutrens. There was a follow up movie in 1984 : Biquefarre.

Microcosmos, le peuple de l’herbe (aka Microcosmos) by Claude Nuridsany and Marie Pérennou (1996). A fascinating documentary on the life of insects at the origin of the creation of the Parc Micropolis in Aveyron, a good one for children.


The famous characters in the Tarn, the Aveyron and the Tarn & Garonne


They are famous, all have marked the history by their actions or their life, they are renowned and will remain in our memories, here is a list of the famous historical and contemporary characters.


In Tarn & Garonne :


Pierre de FermatPierre de Fermat was a mathematician, born in Beaumont-de-Lomagne in the Tarn & Garonne who dedicated his life to culture and sciences : poet, physician, and magistrate...




Lamothe CadillacAntoine Laumet, or Antoine de Lamothe-Cadillac is the founder of the town of Détroit in the US, discover his birth place which has been transformed into a museum in Saint-Nicolas de la Grave in Tarn & Garonne.


Léon de MalevilleLéon de Maleville was a politician born at the beginning of the 19th century in Montauban, he was a senator, vice president of the National Assembly and Minister of the Interior.


Hugues PanassiéHugues Panassié was a musician and jazz journalist ; he spent a part of his life in Tarn-et-Garonne. In Villefranche-de-Rouergue, discover a very rich Jazz media library on thanks to the repurchase, by the commune, of the collection of Hugues Panassié.


Marcel LenoirMarcel-Lenoir or Jules Oury (its artist name) is a painter-draughtsman who was born in Montauban and died in Montricoux, who despite being famous, was renowned for living frugality by choice. In Montricoux Castle is a museum on dedicated to his masterpiece.

Pierre PerretPierre Perret, a famous French author-compositor-interpreter was born in Castelsarrasin.



In the Tarn :


Jean JaurèsJean Jaurès, born in Castres, was a politician who was famously opposed to the beginning of WW1, who supported the cause of the workers and especially the miners of the Tarn. He was a man extremely pacifist, who supported many causes, and fought against inequalities and worked for his anticapitalist convictions up to his murder in 1914.


Jean François de la PérousseJean-François de La Pérouse, born near Albi, was a French explorer from the 18th century ; he was also the commander of the navy and participated to the American Revolutionary War.


Jean-Louis EtienneAnother explorer, contemporary this time, Jean-Louis Etienne, born in the Tarn. He is a doctor and fascinating educator adventurer. He made many excursions to the Poles.


Henri de Toulouse lautrecThe painter Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec was born in Albi, where a museum is devoted to him. His prolific and living work equals his legendary character.




Pierre Fabre, is a pharmacist born in Castres and founder of a large pharmaceutical group that carry his name and which the headquarters are in Castres.


In Aveyron :


Jean Henri FabreJean-Henri Fabre, was born in 1823 in Aveyron, a remarkable scientist who excelled in many areas, he was also an academic.


Michel BrasMichel Bras is a Michelin Star restaurant Chef who opened a very renowned restaurant in Laguiole.


Cyril LignacCyril Lignac, chef and television host was born in Rodez.


Bernard LaporteBernard Laporte, rugby player and coach, native from the Aveyron.





Pierre SoulagesPierre Soulages is a painter and printmaker, born in Rodez in 1919. He started his career representing its native land, the Aveyron, then he focused on abstract painting and variations around dark colours. A museum is dedicated to him in Rodez.


Danielle DastugueDanielle Dastugue, is editor and creator of the Editions du Rouergue, which publish beautiful books. She is not a native from the Aveyron, but she has been adopted and has promoted through her commercial ventures and other works, this department and its culture.

Jean MoulinJean Moulin, icon of the Résistance, was prefect of the Aveyron in 1937.




Maurice AstrucMaurice Astruc is a master cheesemonger and maturing expert. With is big moustaches He was famous for being the ambassador of the “Roquefort Société” brand, but he was not only a TV character, he was really the brand ambassador of this cheese which he promoted at fairs and during special events.


If you are interested by this topic, get the beautiful book "Hommes et femmes célèbres de l'Aveyron", Editions Bonneton, by Robert Taussat.